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I'm sure you know this already ... but 'Terry' is apparently Terence Stamp and 'Julie' is Julie Christie, each one at the time of the song's production pretty much the face of young/ beautiful/  swinging London etc. This has to be one of those songs which it would be pointless to do a video for. O.K. I'm probably exaggerating, but the lyrics and the music evoke a sense of place - and character - that is so spectacularly cinematic that it would be almost crass to re-present it visually. I think it might have been Bruce Springsteen who said that in some cases, making videos to accompany some songs is a bit like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

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Not sure if I'd heard about Terry and Julie or not - have a vague memory but thanks for pointing it out and also being the first to comment on this blog Mick.

Absolutely - the lyric is sufficiently videophonic in it's self. Included the vid more so the song is there to remind or for anyone who may not of heard it.

I've never got bored with this song - it always sounds fresh to me somehow. Part of it's magic.


Actually, from what I've heard Davies actually flat out denied that Terry and Julie were based on those two people.  I'm paraphrasing here, but he said something to the effect of "I would never write about stars.  Only real people." Also, in a previous interview, I think I am correct in saying but I can't quote a direct source for either of these two claims, he had said it was about his sister and her boyfriend.  Anyways, just thought I'd chime in.   The comparison was a good read though.


[das ist gut]

Ray and Dave Davies, I cannot describe how beautiful you are both are and how accomplished musicians. Ray you a definte a poet Laureate and Dave with your Irish Tenor voice mixed with a great musician.


[das ist gut] Ray, Dave I beg you reunite. I lost my grant as a piaonist at 17. I was too arrogant with temptetuos behavior. But you both are great artists. Reunite, reunite let the world enjoy you art.


[das ist gut] Ray's voice in Waterloo Sunset sighs. He has the artistic ability to display variations of his voice according to his mood and the different songs he writes. His English intonation is soften when he sings. Truly a brilliant artist

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Haven't done much on this site for a long as busy on other projects - will get back to it at some stage hopefully but interesting comments.

No the song doesn't need a video as Mick says - its cinematic already and yes agree with Julie on Ray's voice etc. I would probably think Ray writes about ordinary people rather than stars but it's a beautiful evocative song and lyric whatever the meaning or where ever the idea came from and still has an impact on me when ever I hear it. Definitely Poet Laureate of English rock as Julie says.

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